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DJ Times magazine describes Stacy Zemon as…
“A veteran of the industry 
who has contributed much to its evolution.”

Stacy Zemon ID BadgeMobile Beat magazine calls her…
“One of the most successful women in the DJ profession.”

Stacy Zemon’s career as a Writer, Author, and Publisher have made her one of the industry’s premier educational leaders, enabling her to empower thousands of mobile entertainers throughout the US and the UK to greater heights of professionalism.

As a Radio, Club, Karaoke and Mobile Disc Jockey, she reached an audience of millions From 1979 to 2010.

Stacy Zemon Everything LargerStacy is the Publisher & Chief Scribe of ProMobileDJ.com, the Founder of ProDJTV.com, and the creator of and VirtualDJmall.com, a website that offers a huge selection of disc jockey-related products.

She is author of the best-selling DJ books on the planet:  The Mobile DJ Handbook, The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook and The Mobile DJ MBA (Spanish Version –La Maestría del DJ Móvil), and The Mobile DJ Entrepreneur.  She was a longtime writer for the business section of DJ Times magazine.

The Mobile DJ Handbook: How to Start & Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey Service has been read by over forty-thousand DJs worldwide.


Her roots began in radio where Stacy has been an On-Air Announcer, Music Director and Program Director in several formats.

She pioneered a new business model between the radio and DJ industries by partnering with a national broadcasting company to form a mobile disc jockey entertainment division at seven of their stations. Stacy ran a full-service multi-op with twenty-three DJs who entertained throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York City.

As an on-camera host for Disc Jockey News Network, she has provided event coverage at DJ conventions. Stacy has also been a keynote and featured speaker at the Mid-America DJ Convention, the Mobile Beat Show & Conference, and the International DJ Expo, where she is also a judge at annual “DJ of the Year” competitions.

Stacy has been an Endorsed Artist of American DJ Lighting, Promo Only Music and Video, Cortex/i-Key, and PVDJ. Stacy has also worked with Denon DJ to produce technology focus groups.

She is a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers and a past member of the American Disc Jockey Association.

Stacy Zemon’s creative business wizardry has spun her career into an impressive record of success!

Luke, Niko, DonnyStacy’s rescue pets: Luke, Niko, and Donny.

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