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Mobile DJ PicThe BIG Challenge

As the owner of a mobile DJ service, you have many choices about how to grow your company and increase your profit on an on-going basis.

So, how do you decide the who, what, when, where, and why of it all?

As your business coach and ally, my expertise can help you decide among the myriad of options worth considering.

To get and stay on top in your marketplace, you need to carve a niche and create a unique competitive advantage. I can provide you with creative, integrated, sustainable solutions that add power, profile, and profit to your entertainment company.


Elderly DJSome DJs Grow Old
Before Facing the Truth

You may be the most talented DJ in your area BUT if potential clients don’t know about what you have to offer and its value to them, then two unfortunate things will inevitably happen:

1. YOU WON’T get all of the bookings you need and want.
2. YOU WON’T command top rates for your services.


Stack of Hundred Dollar BillsThe Secret to Success

1. Compelling, professional branding, marketing and advertising can get prospects to take notice of your DJ service.

2. Having a unique selling proposition (USP),  an awesome promotional video, and impressive testimonials can help persuade them to book with you.

3. Charging rates based on value (not price) can allow you to earn top dollar for your talent and offerings.

4. Under promising and over delivering with customer service and entertainment quality can garner you happy clients.

5. Asking for referrals from happy clients can feed your potential new client pipeline.

That’s the “WHAT TO DO” part of the equation.

The “HOW TO DO IT” exceptionally well part is where I can help you with
sound advice and creative strategies that equal extraordinary results!


Carpe Diem.
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